Dave Gahan close up chanting with the crowd during Just Can’t Get Enough, Depeche Mode tour, cute and sexy. And the crowd just won’t stop chanting! They Just…
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  • AMAZING!!! There’s such a good feeling! It’s a pleasure to see Dave having
    fun and laughing so much… Great audience, really! Thank you for sharing –
    this is surely one of my fave videos…! :)

  • I think Dave was laughing when Fletch came in with the synthesizer sounds
    he usually does at the end of this song, but I think they came in early or
    late, not sure which, Dave turns his head and looks a little surprised, and
    then the crowd just keeps going and going and goingl Much longer and
    stronger than I am used to seeing on this song. Nice to see Dave having
    such a good time!

  • Dusseldorf 2? (July 5) I think I saw it and watched it from the same
    angle… So adorable…

  • Love it when things go a little different than planned, This was one of the
    longest crowd singing back to Just Can’t Get Enough I have seen.

  • I could watch Dave do that all day. In fact I think I will…tomorrow at
    work. Thanks for posting!

  • i am melting awaaayyyy…. so adorable…. waiting to see them again in

  • It’s wonderful to SEE DAVE laughing and joking LIKE THIS … …THIS VIDEO

  • Saw them Back in May, (at the o2 in London) & was Epic, its great to see
    they STILL have it after 30 years :D & clearly having a ball while doing it
    :D x