Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode in interview. From the Swedish TV-show ‘Sen kväll med Luuk’ in spring 2003.

  • I’m hetero, but I can’t deny Dave is a damn sexy man. And always kind and
    humorous about the exact same questions over and over. A true star.

  • Damn he is so hot, and his shoes..fantastic! I love when he is wearing suit!

  • how many childres does he has? 3 or 2? thx great interview! and he’s
    looking great btw

  • Why do journalists ask more or less the same questions about his past again
    and again? Why don’t they let him run away from that problems he wants to
    forget? Of course, he gives them answers, but I don’t think he likes that.
    He is other man, he has different lifestyle and he is very happy now, can’t
    they understand ? And I can see what a pleasure he takes in speaking about
    his songs (and of course, unveiling a short anecdote about his shoes) :)

  • he real have this shynny eyes bright, i think family and children helped
    alot to him to be up

  • The interviewer (Kristian Luuk) is not a cunt. That’s just his style.

  • 1:32 You have no idea how much it bothers me that he’s holding the Ultra
    case upside down X-P

  • Wow! I suppose that on the streets of New York are walking lots of handsome
    men, considering the fact that Dave looks regular there! Just there, I
    think! :) An Englishman in New York! :)

  • @MissNotion I agree with you…. usually. But this interview took place 7
    years ago after having he just wrote an album about his past «Paper
    Monsters». So i don’t think it’s weird asking about what he though where
    the source-event for the lyrics on the album that he had just released.
    —————————————————— Love Dave and his
    inspiring thoughts by the way though & i saw Depeche 6 days ago for the 5th
    time in Stockholm & they where in great shape ! :) !

  • Jag är en alkoholist. Jag skriver det här för att det är många svenskar som
    läser detta. Den här människan har lyckats fått ett nyktert liv trots sin
    bakgrund och det är fan ett mirakel. Jag har själv varit inne på avgiftning
    och haft en känsla av att jag kommer att dö snart. Jag har aldrig mått så
    djävulskt dåligt i mitt liv. Jag spydde och såg dubbelt. Det jag vill säga
    är att knark och alkohol kan faktiskt döda dig i längden…

  • dont like when people asking about drug addiction.it was in the past,whats
    the point ti ask?!

  • That interviewer is so annoying. Not even Dave’s charm could make me sit
    this one out. Yikes.