Dave Gahan & his family arriving at Ararat Park Hyatt in Moscow 21st June 2013

he gave me an autograph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. “фломастер-фломастер-фломастер”)
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  • Oh how I love such a nice comments! Always keep me in good shape :)

  • Hi! This is Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, near The Bolshoy Theatre! I’m not sure they will stay here in March… Ritz, maybe? )

  • Oh, Dave looked so tired, like he wanted to be done with the signing as soon as possible. If you waited there for several hours, you could’ve at least come up with something to say to him, or a present, or a compliment. And that guy in the end, asking for a ticket? what??? so selfish. Did you care how Dave felt? No, all about you.

  • What are you talking about?? His voice is even better now – deeper, stronger, like a vintage wine! :)

  • Kindly post which hotel in Moscow? I plan to be at the last Delta Machine show in March and wondering where is the best place to stay. Cheers

  • Still a legend, even if he cannot sing like he used to. Yes I am still a big fan.

  • Uff..so sad to see envious girls commenting this video! I’m a woman, my favourite DM has always been Dave, but God I’m not ridiculous: I never wanted to marry him! He’s handsome, he’s sexy, he’s a very good composer, best singer and frontman ever, but…I almost love Jen more than him! (well…uhhh…LOL!) She’s very nice and she knows how to love him. When they are together you can almost taste the strong, beautiful feeling like a halo around them. I’m so happy he found Jen!! Thanks 4 sharing!

  • you so lucky girls !!! i never ever been so jelous like now…

  • а примерно не помните во сколько Дэйв приехал ???

  • Настя, с утра по городу искали, чисто на удачу решили там остаться (поверили парню,слышавшему от охраны о ДМ), несколько часов ждали и дождались) Заранее нет информации, к сожалению…

  • mammamia che bello! grazie a chi ha preso il video e ha avuto la miracolosa fortuna di averlo ad un passo! thank you a lot!

  • вы там целый день стояли или знали определённое время когда подъедет машина ? я хочу в марте 2014 года взять афтограф но не знаю когда они приедут ((( пожалуйста напишите мне информацию что бы я могла плъехать к гостинеце арарат и взять афтограф

  • Кто обозвал Дэйва “ХУКА”???

  • Настя, в Арарат Парк Хайятте, он недалеко от Большого театра.

  • Класно !!! А где вы брали автограф , что это за гостиница ???!!!

  • Stella takes after her mother from I can see. They are a lovely family and it’s nice they travel together :)

  • дэйв крутой! но он никогда не даёт более одного автографа в одни руки)

  • Don´t be so envious woman,that looks sad !! Jen is a great, beautiful, real woman and Dave loves her a lot! Always talks about her…I think both of them are very lucky. It´s wonderful to see Dave so happy with his life, don’t you think??