Dave Gahan - Hourglass (Full Album)

Tracks: 1. Saw Something 0:00 2. Kingdom 5:13 3. Deeper and Deeper 9:48 4. 21 Days 14:23 5. Miracles 18:58 6. Use You 23:37 7. Insoluble 28:25 8. Endless 33:…

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  • “criticized it for sounding too similar to Depeche Mode.” That’s positive.

  • “All that love and glory does not mean much to me. I am still pretending, I am not a fool.”

    Dave, great song, but repent, convert, and believe in Jesus Christ, to gain eternal life.

  • I always forget how freaking delectable this album is bc I’m typically just absorbed in Depeche, but good lord. Rwar. Thanks, Dave.

  • It’s different than Depeche Mode. It really feels something created by Dave alone without Martin’s influence.

  • Slow sex! Deep tongue kisses, I want to eat you alive! That’s what it feels like

  • It’s amazing how musicians can produce so many songs with so many unique and different sounds…

  • DAVID GAHAN( vocalista de la banda depeche mode), en un proyecto personal utilizando los sintetizadores combinado con lo under, melodia experimental con matices new wave, calidad sonora.

  • I am astonished by the perfect talent of composition Dave have.

  • I think DAVE is taking / keeping Depeche on the right track! I think this is what all the fuss was with the band possibly bending in indifferent directions and Dave is in this direction. I think Martin can be a little hard to work with and probably likes being the power behind DM’s songs but I defiantly think Dave is breaking that wall down and getting a chance to be more then the voice of the band. I love whats happening with them!

  • definetly, Dave as a song wrighter has come a long way. Paper Monsters was his 1st shot and it was a great start…Im waiting to se where his music takes us as I think its going beyond Depeche Mode!