Dave Gahan speaks about the beginings of the band, the balance between artistic and personal life and emotional connection with the audience.
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  • I love David’s straight forward words. He’s an extremely talented musician,
    who like the other members in DM, pours his heart and soul into his trade.
    David hit rock bottom in the early 90’s, he talks about that in pieces
    here. I’m thankful he’s still providing music to us fans through all of it.

  • I had a hard time trying to listen to what Dave was saying, because the
    loud background music was distracting me :D

  • Perfection.I’m in deep depression, and I’m watching him to totally forget
    about myself.LOVE

  • Dave Gahan got goosebumps when he saw Dave Grohl crying on stage. This is
    one of the coolest and sweetest things I’ve ever heard in the world of

  • On looking at other videos, nope he doesn’t. It’s his beard. So sorry :)
    and yes I agree, he should shave it.

  • I am not very sure but I have a feeling he has melasma a condition where
    body overproduces melanin leaving dark patches on the skin. And since
    they’re on the cheeks they resemble a beard. Again, I am not sure but
    that’s what it looks like.

  • I read this ; JJSR…Jack,Jimmy,Stella Rose..(all his children)..and the
    «S» is like a «J» at the same time because his wife «J»ennifer….how sweet
    is this beautiful man???

  • Thank you Dave and Depeche Mode. Yes overall the consistency of the songs
    after Alan Wilder shows, but there were great stand outs and memorable
    highs after the craziness of the Devotional Tour. Thank you David for
    continuing to make music.

  • Я постараюсь скоро переводить на русском. Удачи вам!

  • Christ Dave, come on Obama? The guy thats screwed up the economy worst than
    it was before 2008. Please Dave rethink that one. You are a true start
    Obama thinks he’s a star showing up on talk shows and stuff. He’s no ideal.

  • Dave is much more talkative and open this time around than Ive ever seen
    him in 30 years.Must be reaching 50 does something to you. He seems more
    human and approachable than any other interviews over the years.

  • simplesmente, a real, de sua vida.Aguarde Dave que tudo tem sua hora.e o
    que podemos dizer nos Brasileiros, que lavamos nos novamente atras de um
    show em algum lugar desse planeta.2013;2014