Dave Gahan Interview – France 2 (20.04.2009)
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  • it’s funny he mentioned “Composition of Sound”. I found my copy of that
    recording a couple of weeks ago. It’s funny to listen to if you’ve never
    heard it.

  • When I see Dave..I can´t concentrate on his speaking…he´s utterly hot..:))

  • agree with you, i don’t know if you say that in english, he has the
    “class”, i love SOTU, and i hope Dave will be well very soon…

  • I love this album and the box set is brilliant! SO stoked to see them on
    tour!! Get well soon dave ^.^

  • Wrong have brilliant lyrics. Dave is always well dressed and I think his
    ring is very charming.

  • Little green aliens somewhere out in space rockin’ to Depeche Mode!

  • Hermosa sonrisa las que nos regala con las ultimas palabras….wow que DM y
    Gahan son una bomba musical…Los AMo.