Dave Gahan- Interview- Talking about his family

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  • Aawwwww…..Dave is awesome!! And I’m so glad he has a beautiful family
    with a nice woman. Lucky her!!

  • grimlund – it is ridiculous and Gahan has said it’s ridiculous – here he is
    a mega-rich pop star – when people are worldwide are starving, being gassed
    perhaps in Syria … natural disasters, in the face of that if a pop star
    chooses to mess with heroin that’s his own foolish business. Don’t get me
    wrong, Dave’s a great guy,. a good human being. But being British he
    realizes the ‘pressures’ of being a pop star are as of nothing compared to
    one day in the life of an Afghan villager!

  • @brfts2001 Absolutely! “Daaa-nce”. Caught me off-guard, actually. Abit
    jarring, in context.

  • he is a great person! as singer as show man as musician as beauty..until
    many years they are wonderful ..

  • Oh what a caring father he is..I also make a bow just up to the zip of his

  • @TotallyLongo after living here for 20 years, he’s developed a americanized
    british accent. Because he used to say “dauuwwwnce” instead of “daaaance”.

  • very touching story – he was being hassled by some fat guy in america “4
    hundred pounds” with his “trousers falling off,” if he’d said another word
    I was going to fight em.’ Gahan was informed the man in question was
    retarded and he started crying he felt he was being threatened by an
    american red neck – nothing of the sort. his heroin addiction was
    ridiculous, that not withstanding he’s a helluva nice man.

  • hes such a phenomnal daddy as well singer. You can tell he adores his girl:)

  • dumbodog4 i don’t know which story you’re referring – i had 2! lol. the one
    about the 4 hundred pound guy i heard DG describe himself in a period
    (80’s) video.

  • He´s addiction is not rediculous…He really died but came back to
    life…And now he is sober…Staying sober is the hardest thing to do when
    you are an addicted person… It really is harder then to sell all the
    million albums that Depeche have made…