Very eye opening interview with Dave Gahan in regards to his victories and struggles in life, and the lessons he has learned.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • He is my favorite. So adorable. So sweet. I love the way he looks too. He is just amazing!!!!!!

  • Dave you now what is amazing is how you transform yourself out on the stage!!!!

  • BTW, you weren’t an imposter. U were the Messenger Love.

  • Dave you saved my life, literally. Thank you for being real. Love and Respect Always.

  • im so glad you know how much this world needs you in it. your a very awesome person Dave Gahan never once in my life could imagine you not being a part in it. your music is a gift from god and you have an amazining voice that sounds like the angels singing. ;) I love you and always have a special place in my heart for you. ;) your birthday is may 9 th and mine is may 11th hummmm another great thing about you may birthdays kick LOVE YA ;) RAWRRRRR <3 <3 <3

  • I wish this interview would last forever!! It doesn’t matter if Dave is singing or talking, his voice is just amazing ♥

  • Dave, :) 24 year’s is not so tragedy…. 24 year’s of Happyness…! big huggs Dave~ stay real.

  • Dave, I just love your message in this interview. Everyone needs to see this!

  • I cannot thank you enough for posting this video Big thumbs up:-)We get to see Dave in a new light One where he is seen as a regular person just like you and I and not as a massive star Let me tell you after seeing this video I have a newfound respect for Dave He seems to be so humble and down to earth and like us faced many ups and downs in life but turned out just fine:-)Dave much love and respect to you!!!May God bless you and guide you always<33333

  • He’s a true person. Sad to say, it’s rare these days… =/

  • Just have no words to describe how amazing he is! He gives me power and makes me better! Dave, We love You!

  • I just have no words to describe how much amazing he is… He gives me power and makes me better! Dave we love You!