Tracks: 1. Dirty Sticky Floors 0:00 2. Hold On 3:34 3. A Little Piece 7:51 4. Bottle Living 13:03 5. Black and Blue Again 16:36 6. Stay 22:20 7. I Need You 2…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • depeche mode,dave,martin,andy……… 15 yrs old you changed my life now 45 even a bigger change please never stop joey donaldson

  • Besides he is a handsome man David Gahan has a fantastic voice that enlight your soul instantly. He is linked to Depeche Mode that means his long time friends first of all, but wanted to reveal his soul in his album. My favourite song of this album is «Hidden Houses». So beautiful and sensitive. Years passed through my life and I am still influenced by Depeche Mode fashion. Let’s not forget that David has been attracted to fashion magazines and style and that led to the name of his band.

  • I think Gahan should stay in Depeche Mode. I was a DM fan since 1987 and so I must admit I am biased in favor of the core band of Gahan, Gore, and Fletcher. But Dave is awesome solo too, its true. #fanboy

  • sorry..but i think that you dont leas depeche mode ever..the songs of martin should be the best that music ever bring to the people..thanks..!!!

  • DISCASO Los invitamos a pasar x el canal de AIREAL, crecemos gracias a uds saludos aireales

  • davids mum used to be my child minder so i used to go to his house and be looked after every saterday for 10 years , wish i knew how the rest of the family are ? pe, ph su, and aunty silvy i still have sinny camera of dave when he was 7 at my brothers party

  • Surely he can probably do both- with Depeche Mode and without. Are Depeche Mode BAD to him? If not, why get away from something which is not bad? Just curious- feel free to ignore. Have a nice day regardless

  • «Bottle Living» is about Berlin. Many people are obsessed here with bottles and walk with them around like ARSCHLOCHE idiots, usually beer or some other garbage. Even on subway trains. Thanks for your film. My brother and Dad used to drink, both dead too early (32 and 53)………… :( Doctor Rolling Stone (my pen-name)- Twitter@NataliaRoschina Oh, Paper Monsters sound like German bureacrats too. Sounds like an album about THE DARK SIDE OF BERLIN