Reading Festival 27-08-1994 Dave Gahan & Primal Scream – Loaded.

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  • guess they shared more than a common taste for music at this point…
    dave’s a mess here

  • @michadietmann Scream acknowledge that the roots of this song are very much
    based on Sympathy (as also with Bittersweet Symphony, incidently) and the
    Scream album with ‘get your rocks off’, ‘jailbird’, etc – can’t remember
    what it is called – is all very ‘Stonsey’.

  • I love Dave and Primal, but was disappointed Dave didn’t do any singing on
    this. His voice is great!

  • HACKS…..just like yo mama….hack between da sheets…but she excells in
    da bj dept. SO HOLD YA HEAD UP HIGH SON!!!!

  • Dave is so cute here… and he gave his all on stage. The music is good,
    but I don’t like the vocal of Primal Scream.

  • funny shit lol. Primal Scream were supporting DM on parts of the Devotional
    Tour the year before. It was a wonder how Dave Gahan and Bobby Gillespie
    ever got through customs LOL

  • @darkestroomboy All negative post is shite actually. Are you yourself
    artist, musician or what kind of creative shit can you produce?!? This is
    live perfomace not mathematic formula. It’s music, you know.. And my
    friend, everybody want to be like the Stones..

  • “You played the harmonica before Dave?” “No” “Not a problem”. *Listens.
    “Can somebody bring Dave a triangle or a clave?” Don’t do drugs kids!

  • OH MAN DAVE…He looks cute but also i think he is LOADED on drugs!

  • Yo, yo, you sure can rhyme Motherfucker, you are a touch guy! YO Yo Yo…
    … Yo?