Music Cares May 6th 2011.

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  • Slyším první tóny a už mi běhá mráz po zádech a štve mě, že jsem tam nebyla

  • ….I have died and gone to heaven xxxx Thanks for uploading!

  • I love this song – isn’t it the first time he performed it live???

  • @imuvrini1 There was no tour for the album Hourglass, so he did some songs
    live on a web tv and in a shop…

  • Slyším první tónx a už mi běhá mráz po zádech a štve mě, že jsem tam nebyla

  • can’t stop thinking about him…. today at work I swear I was thinking
    about this amazing song it was 1000X better than what you see here, but
    thanks for posting so everyone can enjoy

  • Top. Germany´s second best but least known electric popband.

  • I love everything in this show. After being severely ill,he said that he
    starts feeling really tired after a concert and wasn’t sure to do any for
    long…I’m SO HAPPY to see that even if he doesn’t run along the stage all
    the time or holds the micstand and rolls it up in the air, he’s the same
    greatest Artist and performer of all times!! Well, I never had any doubt
    about it, but it seemed to me he had. Now I hope he has understood he is
    still number One! Thank you for sharing this JOY! :))