Dave Gahan Music Cares Benefit Concert May 6th 2011.

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  • There’s no way to make this song sound better than DG singing it. Fact.

  • My God ! Curtis go out this body !!! Let’s wish a long life to Dave ….

  • I love hearing contemporaries do covers of other contemporaries. Hearing
    this and the cure’s cover of LWTUA is just so awesome. Not to mention
    hearing the cure’s cover of World in Your Eyes… I’d love to hear DM cover
    a forest, that would be awesome…

  • @pappermonster He was born on 1962 , so next Monday 9th,MAy ,2011 DAve will
    turn in 49th years,not 50th.lol :)

  • Fuckin Fantastic Such Difficult Song Such Fantastic Cover

  • dm deserves ultimate respect, always did what they wanted, honest, true,
    never tried to please an audience. they’re, even if it might sound weird, a
    real underground band, they make music because they have to, and not to
    make an impact on the mass market. this coverversion by dave gahan of one
    more great tune of the godlike joy division is great. unpretentious, with
    deep respect for the original, for the love of the song. in comparison: u2
    bono’s attempts on this made me sick!!! u2…bleagh!

  • @ZakusDM lol this is excellent sound quality, with video, compared to some
    of the 80s audience recordings of stuff! PLUS you get it the next day.
    Gotta love cellphones and YouTube!

  • Muy buen video. Larga vida a Dave Gahan!!!! Larga vida a Depeche Mode!!!!

  • An OK cover, but then again Dave’s voice is so different from Ian’s. A
    worthy tribute. Happy B-Day, Mr. Gahan!

  • Awesome! Dave’s voice suits this song perfectly. Great cover!! xx