Dave Gahan's Sexy Moves

Dave Gahan’s moves over the years. ***WMG wanted to delete my video for copyright infringement for using My Joy so I had to swap the song :/
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • This proves I have been correctly calling Dave Graham the sexiest man on
    stage! ( alive, actually) Ladies you need to experience his performance
    live to truly understand! I have been put under a spell…. ;)

  • this video is superb but his best dance misses from this video. Check out
    his moves in the beginning of the song «fly on the windscreen» in

  • Dear Marina 3178!! Thank you very much, I looked this video…..very sexy
    Dave……I like it.

  • What happened to the song My Joy on this video???? I think it was sexier.

  • hehehe thanks for this video! i LOOVVEE dave with long hair. sooo fucking
    sexy because i love the grungle style of the 90s. and he looks like a HOT,
    sexy rebel, and I love rebels.

  • with the song «deeper and deeper» that could be more sexy :3 woow! dave
    looks like a really bad boy!

  • Last night I had a dream with Dave.. there’s no better way to start a
    day!!!!!… he’s so hot!!!!

  • i think the sexiest look was in devotional, with long hair and beard and

  • *gasps**drools**sighs*ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh