David Gahan is once again working on a solo album and he discusses the on going project right here.

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  • I saw dave perform and it was more of a melow unplug gig. it was not
    depeche mode even thow he did do some depeche mode songs and you know what
    they sounded very cool . it was a diffrent croud. but a very fun and I
    would go again.

  • someone please tell me,what is the name of this song that he starts off
    singing when the video begins?

  • Whats with the narrator pronouncing Gave Gahan’s name!!! Gaaaahhaaaaann!

  • quelle classe il a, c’est incroyable. En plus, il est super sexy LOVEEEEE

  • That old Stomach pump rumour is 30 years old and was about Rod Stewart
    origionally. I feel bad for Gahan that someone is pulling this garbage on
    You Tube. HOAX folks.

  • Martin L Gore From DM has lots of talent too, Im glad for Dave but its just
    not the same without the whole group.

  • I can’t even comprehend the rumors you’re talking about, and i’m listening
    DM forever. We simply have to take the best of them, whether it’s on
    records or on live performances, and the rest go to hell. I love you old

  • David is an artist, and as an artist he must improve and reinvent
    himself….sorry if people don’t agree with that… He becomes better and
    better with years, and more attractive too =)

  • First..let me just say I love David Gahan and Depeche Mode….. HOWEVER,
    this band just doesn’t work…. forgive me, but in this clip they sound
    like a fucking wedding band! We all know and feel David and DM bring us to
    a different level…it can’t be explained! Policy of truth Dave.