David Gahan VIP bar

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  • dave grohl was a jerk to dave gahan..what a disrespect to one of world’s most charismatic frontmen and singers ever

  • two daves in a room. and a michael. srsly what is going on.

  • Fuck Poo Fighters.. Grohl sucks as a songwriter/singer.. and he sucks as a person in general it seems.. I respect his drumming in various projects including NIRVANA, but Dave Gahan is a brilliant singer/song writer and legend.. Depeche Mode was selling out stadums when Dave Grohl was banging on the drums in his parents basement.. and did you see what an ASS he was being to Gahan? What a flake man. Ego Maniac is right

  • Dave Grohl is a douche. Dave Gahan is a living legend that is too VIP for this shit!

    JA! Sorry, but Dave Grohl NEVER should be a looking good guy as Dave Gahan is…

  • @mydavevotional @SulenAnita tiene razon Dave Grohl no es tan malo, pero NUNCA cantará como el fabuloso Gahan y al verlo actuar SIEMPRE recordaremos que hubiera pasado con él si KURT estuviera vivo; sin contar que Mr. GAHAN LUCE ABSOLUTAMENTE SEXY A SUS CASI 50 AÑOS …más respetos para el Sr. David GAHAN niño……

  • omg : Dave Gahan, Mike Stipe, Kurt Cobain … Dave for me is the best front man, singer and person in the music world :) #depechemodecomebacksoon <3

  • Dave is thinking, “please get me away from these egomaniacs/morons…”

  • Dave Gahan and Dave Grohl dans la meme piece?? Magnifique!

  • “you didn’t say foo fighters!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t like you anymore!!!!”
    hahahahah dave grohl is amazing ;D

  • Si te referis al que presenta , el cara de mono es Dave Grohl , baterista de Nirvana , cantante de los Foo Fighters y un monton de cosas mas que no creo ni conozcas.
    Es uno de los tipos mas queridos , simpaticos y reconocidos del mundo de la musica.