Decided to do an analysis of all the Depeche Mode shows I've seen

Decided to do an analysis of all the Depeche Mode shows I’ve seen

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  • Of Note: I was also supposed to see them in May 2006 but the show was canceled after Dave got sick. That was disappointing because they were playing «Photographic» on that leg of the tour.

    Additionally, I missed out on them bringing back «Strangelove» and «Master and Servant» on the Tour of the Universe because the Chicago date on that tour was Lollapalooza, which was a slightly abbreviated set. I wasn’t happy that they chose to cut the fan treats for that show.

  • Did u see all the shows in Chicago? I like your analysis and from biographies I’ve read they said the same thing. They’ve really ditched early stuff with the exception of “just can’t get enough.”

    What is the order you would rank the shows from best to worst taking into account set list and on stage performances/bells and whistles etc?

    And you are lucky/we all wish we could have seen them as many times/as many shows as you!

  • Damn fine graphic analysis!

    I’m hiding my envy that you’ve seen them ten times, though! I only got them for the first time on the Spirit tour and I jumped on the Mode Wagon in the early ‘90s. Nose bleed seats but so worth it.

  • Very cool! What program did you use to produce this? You’ve inspired my own, albeit simpler, DM show summary

    |Song|Number of Performances|Lead Vocal|Date|
    |Kaleid|1|(Instr)|June 6, 1990|
    |World In My Eyes|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Halo|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Shake The Disease |1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Everything Counts|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Master And Servant|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Never Let Me Down Again|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Waiting For The Night|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |I Want You Now|1|Martin|June 6, 1990 |
    |World Full Of Nothing|1|Martin|June 6, 1990 |
    |Clean|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Stripped|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Policy Of Truth|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Enjoy The Silence|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Strangelove|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Personal Jesus|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Black Celebration|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |A Question Of Time|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Behind The Wheel|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |
    |Route 66|1|Dave |June 6, 1990 |