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Depeche Mode…dal «Construction Time Again Tour» del 1984 al Teatro Orfeo…al «Delta Machine Tour» del 2013…Stadio San Siro Milano.

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This week’s featured discussion is Depeche Mode — and their 6th album — Music For The Masses. I discuss my memories of the album’s release, my favorite track…
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  • Hard for me to pick a fav DM album but I really liked Construction Time Again-Black Celebration eras of their music with the clangy industrial sounds and sampling. They really toned it down after these albums, and by the time Violator came out, I felt they had lost some of that magic. Enjoy The Silence is great but doesn’t hold a candle IMO to Blasphemous Rumours, Master and Servant, etc

  • Any love for The Triffids, the great neglected band from down under? They released two great albums in 86-87: Born Sandy Devotional and Calenture.

  • :) Had to show some Jermaine Stewart — gotta keep everyone on their toes! ;)
    Thanks for watching!

  • Thanks! ‘Two Minute Warning’ is definitely a gem off of ‘Construction Time Again.’  Cheers! — Bret

  • I couldn’t not watch this review. I’m a fan of the band. Been planning a video series in which I review the DM albums one by one. It’ll be titled «Depeche Mode 1×1». Get the reference? Anyway, looks like I’m gonna have to beat you to the punch. ;)
    I had a ticket to see the For the Masses tour, but couldn’t make it. Would’ve been my first major concert. Eventually saw them on the Violator tour. My fave is Black Celebration. That album set a tone and standard for all of the albums that followed.

  • I cracked up when I read someone had Construction Time Again as their favorite. However when I reminded myself of the track listing I have to say And Then and Two Minute Warning are sorely underrated. I’d make a Depeche Mode ranking video but I’d be wasting my time haha! Awesome video Bret!

  • As much as I love synthpop and new wave, I’ve never been that into DM, but «Music for the Masses» has always been a favorite of mine. You seemed to hit all of the high points for me. I’m looking forward to your album ranking!

    I did not expect to see a nod to Jermaine Stewart. LOL I have some fondness for that song, I must admit.

    I love having sensorial associations with music. However, it also makes me a little sad, because I know that no one else will have the same associations.

    Great video!

  • Yeah it’s funny how one person’s favourite is not anothers - a lot to do with mood and what we were doing at the time of a release. Some stuff I can no longer listen to because the times were too depressing. Others I can’t get enough of.

  • Hey Bret, you look like you’re really enjoying yourself up there! You must be doing what you love or in a good mood or both! Anyway, you’ve got this album covered. I was waiting to see if you would mention the DVD and «check» you sure did. My brother was a fan of DM and about this time his influence and music like U2 and DM opened me up past pop, classic and hard rock…

  • Right on, Travis. You’re in for a treat.. Music for the Masses is classic DM. Thanks for watching!

  • Thanks Rob! Depeche Mode & The The was a great lineup. Reminds me that I really need to find Dusk on vinyl — saw a copy a few months ago that was overpriced for the condition it was in. Not sure if you ever heard their/his Hank Williams covers LP, Hanky Panky — love that record. Thanks for watching.

  • Hi John. Violator is a great album — I’m looking forward to putting together my ranking list. It’ll be interesting to see where they all fall into place. :) Rick Astley? Oh no. ;)

  • Thanks for watching! I will definitely consider your suggestion. Thanks for stopping by. :) — Bret

  • Hey Bret nice channel! Ive seen you’ve done some videos where you rank your favorite albums of an artist. I was wandering If you could do that for Talking Heads?

  • Awesome spotlight Bret can’t wait for the ranking on Depeche Mode great albums they have been releasing. Never let Me Down is one of my favorites to this Day. StrangeLove killer video.