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That spring, the band converged in London to begin recording their third album, Construction Time Again, and changed recording studios as well. For the previ…
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gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Depeche Mode ►Construction Time Again▲documentary pt 2▲

Song: Pipeline Band: Depeche Mode Album: Construction Time Again Year: 1983 Genre: Industrial pop.
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  • Martin Gore’s vocal takes for the song even include an accidentally recorded passing train which made it onto the final version.

  • With this, the band proceeded to travel around the neighbourhood where they could tape «found» sounds and feed them into the Synclavier, then manipulate the noises to fit into their songs. These sounds consisted mainly of hammering anvils, clanging pipes, running water, and the like. The song «Pipeline» was entirely recorded in a derelict Shoreditch building site where the band sampled various of these random objects.

  • In January 1983, shortly before the release of the «Get the Balance Right!» single, songwriter Martin Gore attended an Einstürzende Neubauten concert, giving him the idea to experiment with the sounds of industrial music in the context of pop. This experimentation hinged on the band’s first use of a Synclavier, a synthesizer that not only contained a large number of pre-programmed sounds, but also allowed for samples to be imported.

  • They used the synclaiver. Gareth Jones engineered this and several other DM albums using it… 

  • It was probably the success of this album that paid for Daniel’s Synclavier however…sure they would have only been using the Emulator’s on this album…

  • actually there are multiple interviews with depeche mode where they state specifically that they used synclavier

  • Playing The Angel and Sounds Of The Universe are great in their own way. They have changed because it’s not the 80’s anymore, they have to keep up with the times.

  • I don’t live in a country where the kinds of niceties you mention are even considered. Its a bit more of a brawl where I live, and probably where you live as well, so if you want to talk about the virtues of low-grade capitalism, great, but you’re blatantly ignoring the reality of the robber baron capitalism the world lives under, so thanks for the delusional lecture.

  • Could you possibly be more wrong in every single regard? Your simple mind leads you to think that the existence of the terms «taking from the greedy giving to the needy» equates to communist/anti-capitalist, however the context of the song is that through capitalist industrial processes, such as a pipeline, delivery is removed from the control of a few and given to multitudes. Just like today’s music industry, where 3-4 labels no longer control everything, capitalism dominates.

  • it isn’t that bad. just try to focus on the good, like the fact that you can hear this and every other song you might ever want to hear right here on youtube for free. Do people even still listen to the radio?

  • Sadly also, good luck getting Depeche Mode to write anything this exciting again….there last 3 albums are just one big mesh of shit, the same formula and not one grabbing moment…. this is album on the other hand does not have one song that doesn’t grab you in a way you don’t know…topped off by excellent lyrics that proved they had kept reality firmly in check once the money started to come in and they saw the world….»And Then» is just a beautiful song….I wish people still cared!!!

  • Good luck getting a major label to release something this socialist communist anti-capitalist now. Good Fucking Luck getting Clear Channel to play this. You’ll probably get a drone down on your head. Fuck the modern world.

  • Depeche Mode is not industrial pop. There isn’t such a genre but if there was it would probably sound really cool. This song does have an industrial feel to it.

  • @moonsault2506123- In 1983 on Construction Time Again they would have been using the Emu Emulator ( not the E-mu emulator II, which wasn’t available until 1984 ) Synclavier ( they had the monophonic version of the software at the time ) , Arp 2600, Moog minimoog, PPG wave, Yamaha DX-7 etc… much of this was sequenced on the old BBC mico computer using a program called UMI, other sequencing would have been from the Arp sequencer or Roland MC-4.

  • Emulater 2 mostly by Alan Wilder…Gore:Yamaha DX7, Fletcher:Oberhiem OBA, but I’m sure during the studio mostly Emulater 2 and perhaps Syncalvier, but from Keyboard player interviews of that time Alan Wilder did not mention Synclavier. Anyone:I’m one Facebook…friend me Steven Webb, Atlanta, Ga…Much love!!