Ultra is Depeche Mode’s ninth full-length album, which was released by Mute Records on 14 April 1997. The album was the band’s first since the departure of A…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Ultra is so underrated. It’s bleak and inspiring at the same time. Hard to believe that Dave was having such a difficult time singing for his vocals on this album are some of his best. His performance on Sister of Night is a quiet noir masterpiece.

  • And «Shake the disease» maybe the greatest song bye Depeche. I can not understand why they do not do an unplugged. Bye

  • Yes. exactly my favorites. 1. Black Celebration. 2. Ultra 3.Music for the masses 4 A broken frame 5 Violator 6 Devotion… and the rest can go to hell.. Bye

  • My second favorite album behind Black Celebration. They proved they could carry on without Alan and be successful. Thanks so much for posting.

  • Thanks for your efforts, greatly appreciated. Liked and subscribed, will forward channel to my listeners.