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Violator is the seventh studio album by the English electronic group Depeche Mode, released by Mute Records on 19 March 1990. Preceded by the hit singles «Pe…

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  • Well, I think I clearly stated that I understood why people love this album. I prefer «Black Celebration,» «Ultra,» and «Songs of Faith and Devotion» myself, as I think they are better, more cohesive and less «poppy» albums. I do understand why «Violator» is considered their best, most commercial album. «Halo» is my favorite song on that album. Glad to see they brought it back for this tour.

  • Still overrated album to me, but I understand why people love it. Halo is the best song in my view.

  • This is the album that introduced me to Depeche Mode. In fact, the first Depeche Mode song I ever heard was Personal Jesus and it made me an instant fan, LOL.