Depeche Mode 101 The Movie is a fascinating documentary co-directed by the esteemed D.A. Pennebaker, focusing on backstage realities of art and business duri…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Thank you so much for uploading this. You’re awesome. I will always regret missing that Rose Bowl show, but I’ve been to every DMode gig since, just saw them last Sunday at Staples and of course, they rocked it. That they’re not in the Rock Hall is criminal.

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  • I saw the show on the Video in 1988 and never saw these film. Just now in 2013 and now seeing these film 101 made in US I can see from other perspective the show of these great Band Depeche Mode and all the effords to result in a very nice valuable and of course a very good amount of money from the Show at Pasdena at the Rose Bowl its really and incredible film that all the Electronic Music affictionate like me that have these band and other electronic bands on my background to begin toplay thks

  • I am excited to say that I was at this concert-first concert without a chaperone and first DM concert ever!!! I just saw them October 2nd at Staples Center and they are still amazing!!!!

  • This is the first time seeing this documentary and I love it. I am a huge DM fan and recently saw them in Atlantic City at Revel casino on 8/30….They should be inducted into the Rock N Rock Hall of Fame. Thanks for sharing….Cheers! Soraya ;)

  • 1:27:30…my favorite…David looks at Martin as if to say «are you kidding me, this is awesome»…so glad I was there~

  • zajebiście dużo zrozumiałeś. ja to znam od lat. kocham do tego wracać . kochałam ich do songs…,. i do dzis mam sentyment

  • 42:25 I’m confused what did he say/do exactly? I mean I know Dave’s slightly joking but I’m just curious.

  • Wow, what a great concert — and exactly on my day of birth!
    (I’ve just got a major crush on Alan since he smiled on me at 1:44:10)

  • Just saw DM this past Saturday in Chicago. Made me think this is the fifth time I’ve seen them since ’93. Great show & still going strong.