Depeche Mode 14.12.1982 Utrecht (Holland)

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  • …and Jo’s replies were always hand written with beautiful penmanship. Still have all those letters today.

  • … years old in 1982. I use to write Jo, Dave’s girlfriend who ran the Depeche Mode Official Information Service at the time asking her a flood of questions…

  • Fantastic footage! I was starved to see any news or footage of them when14

  • I don’t miss him at all. He was very good in his time but now Depeche are going very well without him.

  • A glass of orange juice at the bottom of Martin’s keyboard, they were no drugs just vitamins. ;)

    Love this short gig with this little interview in the beginning. thx a lot.

  • This is electronic music history…. and it’s a part of my history. I saw the gig in a disco in Stuttgart/Germany on 07.12.1982 (my 18th BD :-)), the guys playing in front of 90 or 100 people.

  • Whats that tattoo on Daves left lower arm?? Is this the one Fletch is speaking about Dave getting removed in the documentary DVD with A Broken Frame?