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Depeche Mode: 80-81 «Do we really have to give up our day jobs?»

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  • hi guys…im quite new to music and i want to learn how to detect for example if i play a synth part in a daw…how do i find out what key it is in and also how do i accompany the synth part with the right kick drum?if for example the lead synth is in c…do all the other sounds have to be in c also?the kick, bass, pads, percussion, guitar and so on also have to be in c?how do you go about finding out what key it is in…can you determine this by ear??thanx

  • its called 1980 — 81 do we really have to give up our day jobs made on the 2007 remaster of speak and spell and with each 2007 remaster was a documentary of the making of the album. each one is about 30 min long and is on each remaster along with a 5.1 version of the album make sense bro?

  • laylamini thank you very much for uploading this! Unfortunately, here in Germany, I can only watch part 1 of the 80-81 doc and the 82 doc, the others are blocked because of the copyright :-( At least I get around 45 mins of great Mode footage