20th Century Box. Un reportaje de Depeche Mode en sus inicios.
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  • Вот так всё начиналось…
    Обожаю DM. )))

  • — Oh no! A zillion apologies Diana. You’re right. Vince says it too: “Daypeshay” !!!

  • – Haha! That was the voice of the TV presenter Danny Baker, who was a cockney geezer, which explains everything!

  • Very amusing how they pronounced Depeche when it wouldn’t be pronounced that way in french from the accents. La Dépêche was the magazine.

  • tnxxxxx……..I found some youtube downloader that is working for now………. thanx anyway…….. greetings from Serbia(other part of universe) :))))))))))))

  • use mozilla firefox +mozilla firefox plugin:download helper !
    this must go.

    greetings from germany!

  • At 2:59 it sounds like DAF – Der Räuber und der Prinz

  • I found the video,thanks,but I can’t download it…………..

  • How could i have it?And how can I download part 1?Not from YouTube!

  • this is brilliant!! Thx for posting! :)
    where did you get this?

  • He did. Read the Steve Strange’s biography BLITZED! It’s all in there;-)

  • the meaning of love is such an incredible song, their first 2 albums are the best, just so gorgeous, this is a more naive and innocent time and much less animalistic, we are supposed to be advancing but this to me seems so much more refined than ciara singing about her ass, just forget it I hate the world of today

  • Dave Gahan was in Blitz, wow, wonder if he knew Steve Strange at all?

  • When he’s putting the record on, the red album sitting up is a DAF single.
    Depeche Mode knew what was up. DAF.