20th Century Box. Un reportaje de Depeche Mode en sus inicios.
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  • Would be nice if the audio were from the gig, rather than straight off the record.

  • well you’re just badly informed chrisnova because kraftwerk were calling it techno before anyone else and they were the first to make full synthetic techno tracks like kometenmelodie 2 and kristalo in 1973. no one else did that earlier. it’s cear you have a lot of jealousy about europeans because your gorilla chimps couldn’t originate what the euros did.

  • funk? not quite. kraftwerk were doing “kemetenmelodie 2, and “kristallo” in 73. those are purely synthetic electronic beats. their music had absolutely nothing to do with “funk” bullshit. kraftwerk were heavilly influenced by outerspace themed music of the 50s and 60s. they even liked the beach boys. it was pure synthetic techno. they even coined the term on their technopop record.

  • Kraftwerk were innovators, because they even built their own synths…

  • Nearly every electronic act was borrowing from kraftwerk, NOT funk. Take a look at the human league bios. They were in love with kraftwerk. Yes, all 70’s electronic acts of course, who is saying different?

  • The kids that were too young and innocent for the punk rock shows embraced DM. Hard to believe they’ve continued to sell arenas and ampitheaters out and be considered “classic”.