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Depeche Mode: 1982 » The beginning of their so-called dark phase…»
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  • best thing that happened to history of rock’n’roll is Vince left the band, with him DM were awfull , without him they became gods

  • «Some of those songs were written when I was 16».

    Yep, 16 years old and he was cranking out that level of brilliance. «A Broken Frame» was, and is to this day, my favorite depeche mode album. Never get sick of it. Rumor has it that Alan had tried hard to get «The Sun and the Rainfall» added as an occasional encore for the Devotional tour. He was shot down hard by Martin. Sometimes referenced as one of the many reasons why he left. That would have been amazing.

  • haha Cock, yeah that video kills me each time. God, they did some crazy weird stuff in the beginning. But if your offered a spot on TV and to do a video when your like 19 what wouldn’t you do>>?

  • I really don’t understand why Martin still think that «A Broken Frame» is one of the worse album ever made by then. It’s a great album. Yeah, still have some teeny poppy songs like The Meaning of Love or A Photograph of You, but still these songs have good lyrics, far better than the previous album. Besides, this album have some of all time classics from Depeche Mode like Leave In Silence and See You, plus some great songs live My Secret Garden and The Sun and The Rainfall.

  • i love the interview segments with brian griffin. especially the one @ 18:00
    ixceix 1 second ago

  • these interviews give me an elite, exclusive, monaco-feel. very european.  they’re odd, thankfully.

  • hi guys…im quite new to music and i want to learn how to detect for example if i play a synth part in a daw…how do i find out what key it is in and also how do i accompany the synth part with the right kick drum?if for example the lead synth is in c…do all the other sounds have to be in c also?the kick, bass, pads, percussion, guitar and so on also have to be in c?how do you go about finding out what key it is in…can you determine this by ear??thanx

  • yep i think it called the songs arent good enough and they will never be played it like an hour long nearly :)

  • yes each remaster of a cd came with its own documentary about the making of the album and the 5.1 surrond sound mix so this would be on broken frame and then the next would be on construction time again etc on and on and they do this now with every release a like 30 min 1 hour long documentary on the making :) hope that helps :)

  • Many thanks. So the video chapters were basically included in the «Deluxe» remasters of the albums? If so, I should have the chapter in «Black Celebration», but I seemed to recall the DVD was just an audio DVD with the 5.1 mix.