TV presentation – Part I: New Life
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  • “Look – no sequencers” just love the purity of this performance and the intentional misKeying of some of the performance by Alan to say “we’re playing this shit live!! CLASSIC!

  • Good performance, but the first 35 seconds of the video reeks… my god is that intro terrible! xD

  • whenever vince clarke is involved its invigorating/genie..spudlove.

  • sorry your name is suzanne. you have a penis erection for the male singer?


  • Well ‘pon my soul – Doesn’t Dave G look fresh-faced?
    (Well, they all do, but A) Who’d have thought that a mere quarter of a century later, the ravages of a drug-fuelled lifestyle would be etched on his features?
    and B) He could cut it live, great voice – unlike many of the here-today, gone-tomorrow jokes of today’s industry that can barely hold a note)

  • OMG…this is my favorite song of their early era! So rare to see it live! Thank you.

  • Agree with michello2900…
    Damn, my foot is rocking right now hitting my mouse….totally sweet. Nice version, lyrics very cleaer.

  • If you see and listen closely, you can actually hear fletch playing this rumbling bass on the moog source LIVE. I always thought he’s faking, but in the break you hear clear that he tried to start his bassline for a note a bite too early… then gets it right. Nice groove maker, didnt know that!

  • dig allens hand toward the end-Flying on those lead lines….yeah…this is the real shit….

  • Hold up, I really tired of the fletch-bashin…The man’s holding down that dope bassline on the source-(I know,-he’s got the luxury of presets,and might not have to work so hard as mart or allen synthesis-wise between songs,but he sounds pretty f*@kin on it to me-and you know what?,Come to think of it,he’s rocked @ every show i’ve seen live.-so I just dont get any slaging on ol’ andy..The man’s just as valid/unique as the rest.

  • the first 36 seconds of this video should be banned. It’s the most 80’s thing I’ve seen.

  • Yeah I love Depeche Mode just saw them in concert on Tuesday.. But have to say Martin for sure has to wear the strangest clothes. Its like he can’t be seen in just a tee shirt and slacks anymore.. Long live Depeche Mode

  • This is the period where Dave is still gaining some experience on performing, Martin still wore clothes like a man, Alan in his “frightened kitten” hair stage and Fletch…well, let’s just enjoy the show. Nice gem. I wonder how the guys would react if they will see this clip.

  • It’s a Moog Source. Monophonic, with colorful membrane switches.

  • I love looking at the vintage synths in these old performances, anyone know what the flat looking Moog is?