TV presentation – Part II: Interview

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  • ha ha … se quiere cagar Dave de los nervios,

    eres grande Gahan, SIEMPRE ETERNO!!!

  • My god he is such a cutie!!!!!! He’s too cute for words <3

  • I`m 18 now & I think that young Dave is very hot. But hej .. is it wrong to love the dave he is now .. ? with his almost 50???

  • Dave Gahan, in an interview 2009, about his first visit to Sweden:

    “I was 19 and and we played Just Can’t Get Enough on some terrible tv-show with Phil Collins”.

  • Look at his adorable,cuuuuuute smile!!!!!!!!wow how good-looking he is(he still IS!!!)What a great thing he is abstinent now -I hope he stays that way for good!!!!Such a talent he is!Great band……….

  • Aww he’s so cute here! Hopefully going to make it to Nokia to see Dave!


  • he’s always been cute even now and he’s like in the 40’s!(lol i think)

  • nossa o dave era tao bonitnho tinha uma carinha de bebe quem via ate penssava que isso era todo certinho mesmo

  • He was so shy, maybe because he hadn’t been used to interviews or because ov the girl’s accent.

  • Wow. He was and still is quite beautiful, and he was only 20 at the time of this interview or 19, but still really cute!