Depeche Mode 1983

Depeche mode joue au ping pong lol et live.
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  • At 4:13 that the melody which Alan is playing had a double key pressed “a mistake”, and you can see in other old video from that era when he shows how to play very EASY for him the bass line and a string sound (split patch) from Tora Tora in that Jupiter 8, so for these reasons it’s pointless for me to believe they were trying to do playback in a live show… I don’t know, for me is more easy to think in the possibility that the light of the stage creates an effect over the keyboard’s display

  • you’re right!! if you look at 5:25 you will see the JP8 is turned off…I watched closely to see if the moog source is on and the light on the top right of the keyboard which should show a numerical value is not light…all the instruments is coming from the tape.

  • i already wrote it, commenting another old clip … i owned a Roland Jupiter 8 in the 80s, and i’m almost sure that the one used by alan is TURNED OFF … The display in the center should have HUGE red digits (the preset/patch number) … the whole panel should also show orange flashing leds, etc etc … and if Alan’s synth is turned off, probably ALL the keyboards are turned off (!!??) … perhaps only Dave’s voice is “real” (i mean, not pre-recorded) ???

  • Are you trying to be ironic or what the fuck? What is so difficult on this???

  • i like the 4 tracks TASCAM in the background (plays the drums part) , and the pretty JUPITER 8 Roland, and MOOG Source

  • to be fair to fletch he did play some pretty heavy handed basslines and kept the time before midi. I’ve tried playing along. the lines are simple but extremely fast and staccato. credit to his hands for keeping this up for a whole concert really.

  • I read somewhere that Martin writes the songs, Dave sings them, and Fletch collects a check,lol.

  • Alan is a excellent musician and his my favourite member of DM

  • hahaha pauvre dave tou seule dans son coin et en passent j’adore le live!

  • In the “Remastered” interviews…Dave said:
    “When ALAN came alone to the auditions, we immediately said …this guy is amaizing… He can play any thing!!!”

  • well, i read somewhere that he was a little confused about how easily he got the job originally – stuff like playing a bass part and lead part simultaneously would be pretty basic to a trained pianist like alan