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Depeche Mode: 1984 «You can get away with anything as long as you give it a good tune…»
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  • All the Brit synthpop acts were basically experimental, edgy music to me. They fact that they had pop hooks was brilliant and just made them more subversive. But by 83, 84 the other synthpop acts were starting to bring back guitars putting in soul, softening up. You could tell that Depeche was still going forward with the original punk/new wave attitude. As much as I like the original New Romantic period and Violator the 83-88 period Depeche is still my favorite.

  • It was still WLIR in 1984 it would not be DRE until the end of ’87 but the points that Dave and the doc made were right. LIR » played them constantly and not just the hits. And they appealed to anybody who felt «dared to be different»(LIR theme) for whatever reason (my reason is in my name) in the US and people were getting beat up by people whom they did not know and who had done nothing to them because they were «New Wave»

  • Katrreiz brīvība nozīme ko citu… un sorry, man nav ne jausmas ko vārds brīvība nozīmē Jums 16-gadnieki, (born in y t1997)

  • I just love how their songs, while being basically pop songs, have lots of experimental music sampling on them…

  • Early «Master & Servant» snippet that can be heard in this documentary sounds pretty interesting in itself. Too bad the raw mix was not kept as such.

  • I’d always wondered what that sound was on Blasphemous Rumours…a pebble on a metal window frame, ha ha….

  • those drum patterns @ 19:46 remind me of ministy’s album «twitch». which i guess makes sense since gareth jones is all over that album as well.

  • Berlin is indeed very fascinating place…the only one, except Warsaw, where I could live :-)

  • …….but I was always a sucker for «Two Minute Warning, Get The Balance Right, Everything Counts and The Sun and The Rainfall.» But who isn’t, right?

  • I agree that their sound, and their lyrics and the whole package gets it’s momentum started here!!

  • is there anyway you can upload the video after this?? the 87-88 video?? it’s saying there’s an emg issue.