Depeche Mode: 1987-88 «Sometimes you do need new jokes…»

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  • They are bad now but it’s not because of Wilder — his music is crap too. Only decent thing he ever did was Hydrology and 1+2.

  • It’s sad to see the shower of shit Depeche Mode have become now compared to the old stuff. They lost it when Alan Wilder left.

  • I had known this Alan’s speech by heart, and I quoted it trying to get his accent… my God, how I was crazy about him…

  • the concert in the Pasadena Rose Bowl looks like the best gig of all times, and here they are saying they had problems this day (broken voice, etc), it’s definitely impossible. They are too good in fact.

  • I can’t believe they left out the legendary Everything Counts performance :-O Nonetheless, I almost cried watching Never Let Me Down Again from Rose Bowl.

  • By listening to Alan talking about music and the musical influences, I feel like a complete music idiot. Alan, you really are a genius!

  • Behind the Wheel and Never Let Me Down, Strangelove…. oh god… my youth, my dreams, me listening to those tracks for hours again and again… brilliant album!

  • 1988 was a good year for the band with that famous gig in Santa Poulart. It went on for hours ending with a 10 minute version of See You, with Neil singing the chorus. happy days!

  • 33:36 I always, always get goose bumps from this moment. I can imagine Dave crying afterwards. Massively powerful energy.