Black Celebration DVD 2008.
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  • In next DM gig I´ll give you the golden fan I made for you Dave, Promise! I won´t care about the ugly security men!

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    Dave Gahan- Two packets of matches used after Bodega. Loads of old, dodgy mints.
    ?- Do you fancy a mint, gal? Fancy a mint?
    Martin Gore- Lovely, clean, lovely, extra-strong mints. Lovely. Lovely. Beads…
    Dave Gahan- Not bad.
    Martin Gore- Yeah, for a novice.
    ?- Not bad, not bad.

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    Dave- General credit cards out of his pockets, every possible currency in the world, probably. General old chicks phone numbers, all over the world. Look. Elaine… Susan… General, you know, keys. Somewhere, doesnt even know, some pad. Clump of dope.
    Martin Gore- Is it?

  • Dave Gahan- This is amazing. Youve gotta watch this. We done it in…
    Martin Gore- It was on a train from Osaka to Tokio, on the bullet train.
    Dave Gahan- Yeah, Martin emptied his pockets on the train, on the floor…
    Martin Gore- At the end of a tour, its always probably twice that.
    Dave Gahan- There were chiffon scarves, you know, general stockings, knickers, phone numbers, you know, a pile. It was literally like that.

  • Thanks for uploading that was great lol. I’m good in English but I’ve got some difficulties in understanding what they’re saying, could someone explain it to me please ?