Depeche mode 1993 Songs of Faith and Devotion Release party
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  • I can’t speak for lobo but this is damn funny because Martin is hilarious.
    He does a Dr. Ruth impression (she’s a sex therapist) and she makes a joke
    about blow jobs that was totally set up by Dave and Martin. Thanks for
    another gem!

  • where is this woman and where can we find her. she is my hero

  • So funny! Even after all these years, I still miss seeing all 4 of them
    together like this.

  • “Does it come from personal experience?” Yeah well duh! Obviously the man
    has had sex! Jesus Christ hahaha :)

  • You’re right! That is exactly what I meant! Only you’re able to explain it
    better than I can! Thanks! ;)

  • Alan’s face when Dave lays on his shoulder gently at 1:25 so priceless
    hahahahahahaa :)

  • this girl actually asked way better questions than most interviewers when
    it comes to DM