A mash up of my favorite DM sounds 81-85. Can you recognize all songs?

Source by Kingkut

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  • @kingkut: Yes, I accidentally left out Work Hard and If you want… But which songs of those I listed aren’t in there? :-O

  • @orgie-1: Wow, you know your DM, great job! :-) but two songs are wrong, and there’s even a little bit more songs that I used.

  • It’s called a heart, Fools, Flexible, Monument, Tora Tora Tora, Get the balance right, Oberkorn, Shake the disease, Shout, Boys say go, People are people, Leave in silence, Master and servant, Something to do, Somebody, Told you so, Nothing to fear, Blasphemous rumours, Any second now, The great outdoors, The meaning of love (fairly odd mix), (Set me free) Remotivate me.