Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame - Animated Cover

I was trying to enhance a still image with some sort of er – life with my after effects, so i took the women featured in the original image out (photoshop), …
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  • my opinion: to much activity, look at real footage and remake it or something and the plants are moving a bit wierd but still nice work

  • Good job man. Very creative : ) Try doing some other covers, perhaps ‘Strange Advance’s ‘Worlds Away’ always LOVED that cover.

  • Three years after I saw it for the first time, and I still watch it regularly. Thanks for uploading.

  • i like your animation. you just should loop it up to 5 minutes. hyper-transcendence. lulz

  • A Broken Frame’s my favorite cover art, and THIS is friggin awesome!

  • first thing i thought after having seen your (great) video: i truly need a “play looped” function on the youtube player!

  • cool this vid. There is also a cool animated band hiting strong here in Italy not being a million dollar production. Pls search for SWAVE IN THE FUTURE

  • Just amazing! Choosing part of “Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town)” as a background song was a brilliant decision! For me, “A Broken Frame” is certainly the most unique Depeche Mode album and this song is surely a music masterpiece - it creates incredible atmosphere. And of course – stunning animation!

  • Oberkorn is probably one of Depeche Mode’s best instrumentals ever. Timeless and minimalistic.

  • Excellent work mate, love the subtle swaying of the wheat..