Una divertentissima esibizione del 1986 in uno show televisivo giapponese.
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  • Like Smashing Pumpkins in 1992, Japanese are so Nice! Depeche Mode are an
    amazing band and Martin is so beautiful and pretty!

  • also what rare sight seeing martin being soo comfortable with himself while
    the rest of the band is nervous. dave looked confused the whole time lol.

  • Depesho Moodo!!! Hahahaha!!! Povero Martin….gli hanno pure cantato hepi
    boscei tu iùùùùù….XD!!! Grazie per questo gioiellino!!!! ;)

  • lollll omg what. martin the super kawaii S/M popstar master. when he uses
    the flowers they gave him to take out the last candle

  • A little sad this is probably lip-synched but how cute is Mart with his
    jeans tucked into his boots?!