Depeche Mode performing «A question of lust» on Yoru no hit studio deluxe on Fuji Television Japan 23 July 1986. Full 10-minute version from my 1st generation VHS copy. Read full details below. **copyrighted material has been removed**

By far the most complete version available on YouTube.

Including the pre-intro, playback, and full outro here is another glimpse into the band appearing live on Japanese TV.

In order to avoid copyright violation the actual music has been REMOVED and replaced with an audience version of the song recorded a few hours earlier at the NHK Hall.

Otherwise it’s my 3rd attempt to put it up due to copyright violation. Hopefully this time it goes through.

Lineage: 1st gen VHS tape (NTSC) — Sanyo hi-fi VCR recorder — Elgato video capture — Final Cut Pro X