Depeche Mode en concert durant leur tournée “Tour of the universe” à Barcelone le 21.11.2009 (Vidéo étitée par Mute Records). Le titre “A question of time” e…

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  • I consider myself a HUGE Depeche Mode fan after seeing them live a couple
    of weeks ago.

    Now, can I please be Dave’s hand at 2:09?!

    Depeche Mode – A question of time – Live Tour of the universe – HD 720p

  • Дэйв как всегда неотразим!

  • They left behind an intelligent, witty, smart, energetic, enthusiastic era
    behind, and they replaced it with a bunch of angry, dumb, stupid,
    pointless, lifeless, and depressive bunch of darkness. And that’s what
    drugs does to you. It’s sad, really. Such a loss.

  • The thing that changed was them. They got older, they have more
    responsibilities, more issues – divorce, depression, drugs, you name it.
    Just like most of us that listened to them in the 80s and who are now 40ish
    with kids, homes, jobs, etc. Over the course of time our choices catch-up
    with us and we must deal with all of them in totality.

  • super groupe et j’adore la voix de DAVE !!!!!!!!!!bravo super morceau quel
    punch !!!!!!!!!

  • i dont think heroine is the only thing that changed them… but sure its
    not a good thing

  • I like Depeche Mode – BEFORE the heroine changed them ! What’s so hard to
    understand about that? Do I need to spell it out for you?

  • I’m one of the biggest DM fans – BEFORE THE FUCKING HEROINE CREEPED IN THAT
    FOR ! ! ! ! ! !

  • I concur. Not only have the fans grown with them age wise, but also event

  • you don’t think “wrong” is the new beginning for them ? i don’t know a lot
    about their history and i do prefer old songs but i am wondering, who took
    drugs in the band ? i can’t find the same answer twice…

  • Excellent live version. On the drugs topic..The band were doing drugs long
    before the days of SOFAD. What do you think the lyrics to ‘Never Let me
    Down’ are about”?? I’m taking a ride with my best friend….We’re watching
    the world pas us by..never want to come down”…being high.

  • c est vrai pour la came mais morceau de music exellent et depuis toujours
    au top pour les gens qui aime leurs music dm il ny en a que 1 et il ny en a

  • It destroyed their original spirit completely IMO. Think “Behind the
    Wheel”, “Route 66”, “Sun & Rainfall”, etc etc. They simply can not do that
    sort of thing any more.