The lyrics to Depeche Mode’s 1986 Synthpop hit “A Question Of Time.” For those of you who perfer to read from the description… Lyrics: (Verse 1) I’ve got t…

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  • this song is….. sorta creepy xD
    -it reminds me of the entertainment indutsry.

  • how cool, that young girls like you are one (I’m not willing to offend you or something) are appreciating music from “old” bands like DM :)
    actually I am only 18 years old but I recieved this great music from my mother who was afan since their beginning :)
    where did you get to know this awesome music? :)

  • Why did you mention your age in this comment? Your age shouldn’t change whether you enjoy a good song.

  • Is it me or this version speeded up to the album version? It sounds better here.

  • Nice to see an intelligent conversation in the YouTube comments for once.

  • To LOML…. Back in when you kissed me goodbye in 86 during class. This song came to mind…

  • Last thing i knew listening to music was just that..not a prediction.

  • I was actually kind of getting at that. Doing things like that makes a child feel like you don’t accept or trust them, or that they aren’t loved unconditionally, which increases their desire to rebel. If you give someone space, however, they’ll feel comfortable and be more likely to oblige to your rules without a problem. So you’re totally right. You shouldn’t press real hard on one area of the balloon, instead, push softly over the whole thing, so it doesn’t pop, but it still won’t float away.

  • It works in other ways too: a father who says to his son “I better NEVER catch you drinking alcohol is increasing his chances of producing an alcoholic son. Or, “No son/daughter of mine is going to be gay.” might entice his child to do just that. Over protectiveness on the part of the guardian may lead to secret desires/vices and fetishes on the part of the one being guarded. Like when you push down in one area of a balloon and a corresponding bubble budges out on the other side.

  • You might actually be onto something. Being over protective leads to no trust between them, no trust turns into daddy issues, which turns into pole dancing. Whoa. But I suppose it depends on what your definition of over protective is…

    But trying to protect your daughter from the people that will savagely defile her isn’t being over protective, if you’re saying that about the song. Now, if she has a perfectly normal boyfriend who definitely won’t defile her, that’s a totally different story…

  • Overprotective dads turn their daughters into the pole dancers they were trying to prevent them from becoming; ah, irony

  • I love how it’s low quality, it brings back memories of how it use to sound in the club back in the 80’s ;) static and base baby!

  • Sadly, no, which is a shame because I really liked her (You can tell, I was willing to see Breaking Dawn with her! XD). Although I’m very happy to say that I’m good friends with her today, and we still interact as such. =D

  • @biospark64 yea and lol im guessing ur not dating that girl anymore? says that the girl i was dating at the time… xD

  • Never understood it myself either, because if you like it, then I don’t see what’s wrong with you, you just like something I don’t. Sadly, the world is full of haters, so I just deal with ’em. =D