Depeche Mode - Agent Orange

Bonus Track on «Music For The Masses»
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  • it was chemical warfare, just that no one called it that then. it fucked
    anyone who was on the ground at the time……

  • I don’t remember hearing it in it. Agent Orange was a warfare chemical the
    US Army used in Vietnam. It’s a herbicide and defoliant (leaves fall off
    all the vegetation). The reason was so that they could locate VietCong more
    easily. Unfortunately AgentOrange had nasty effects on people as well and
    they estimate that around 400,000 Vietnamese were killed or maimed by this
    chemical.Half a million babies in the affected areas were born with
    defects. You can hear the helicopters pass in this melody

  • Interesting that you just say the Vietnamese were effected by it. Tell that
    to my dad, a Vietnam Vet who died at 36.