Watch the video and cry like most of the crowd did. This was truly a magical moment I will never forget I was lucky enough to be a part of. Ticket to RAH – $ …
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  • Really only true DM fans will appreciate this moment!!!! We all know that
    the band was NEVER the same without AW, really lucky to see the orginal
    line up in concert! I love DM but was never the same! Cheers

  • They just don’t sound with the same power that then… Even if the lyrics
    are from Martin,the voice from Dave, and don’t have any idea what Fletch
    does. They’re still great, but an important part is missing. I still love
    their music, but I accept the fact that their recent music don’t punch my
    self as hard as it did with Alan’s input. Just my personal opinion.

  • Dreams’ Depeche Mode: Alan Wilder, Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Vince Clarke

  • Please guys, get together for one more tour as original before saying
    goodbye! This is how the fans remember you at your greatest, brings back
    alot of memories for sure! Thanks for all the great music over the years!

  • I know waht you feel … They are part of my life … One of most important
    parts ..I’m 37.

  • It is such a pity Alan left the band :( It’s not the same without him…

  • stop crying my DM Lovers… Enjoy the touch of God as this video rolls.

    concert in Royal Albert was amazing with ALAN WILDER.. and it is sad that
    he will invited only for that anyway ,it was wonderful to see him on stage
    live,oficial ,after -16 years. wonderful concert only one with .A,W

  • Listening to the audience sing along with MLG made me very emotional. Alan
    Wilder always was the one with the best keyboard chops. He was the
    architect for much of DM’s “sound” after Vince left. Alan used sound to
    amplify and enhance Martin’s words so precisely.

  • The band has never been the same after AW left after the debacle of the
    Faith and Devotion tour. Fact. I’m a true fan. “True Fans” admit and know
    how to deal with the fact that your favorite band is no longer the same
    after Alan quit the band. Still a great band, but nothing comparable to
    genius and creativity when Alan was with them

  • My wife and I were in the RAH that night – damn it’s hard to sing that song
    when you’ve got tears in your eyes and a lump in your throat … the whole
    gig was awesome but this just blew it into the stratosphere

  • @ty hockstaff your story is partially wrong yes he did left, but not at the
    lowest point , he left because he felt the pressure of the whole band,
    Martin became an alcoholic, fletch fell on depression and we all know the
    story with Dave Gahan… He was left alone many time to produce ” Songs of
    Faith and Devotion” plus he was not being credited for composing several
    songs, black celebration, enjoy the silence and almost the whole album of
    Songs.,. He was the only trained musician in the band,

  • “We have a special guest here tonight…Alan Wilder”. *Massive cheer* That
    was a backbone chill I cannot describe! I really hope they bring Alan on
    for one or two dates in the Delta Machine Tour!

  • Alan Wilder less s not d Original Depeche Modes so comeback Alan…