Depeche Mode and politics

Are Depeche Mode political at all? How have their views and eventual origins (industrial Essex) influenced their music?

Some of the most political songs by DM:

People are People: []( on human nature and moral philosophy

Everything Counts: []( on greed and exacerbated capitalism

Where’s the Revolution: []( on people’s power (is it a slightly populistic song?)

The Landscape is Changing: []( on the environment (1983 song chorus «I don’t care if you´re going nowhere, just take good care of the world)

I’m forgetting so many for sure, I’m thinking of Lie to me where Dave sings «lie to me, like they do it in the factory»).

I am aware alt-righter and white supremacist Richard Spencer claimed the band was «the alt-right’s official band», and DM said it was bullshit. ( []( )

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  • I think for the most part they have been rather apolitical, with Martin only touching on broad themes such as empathy and kindness, capitalism and the environment. His concerns seem more socio-economic than political, though those things do often overlap. I feel like Spirit is the first album where they were trying to hammer down an explicitly political message. Besides the lyrics, the vocal delivery and instrumentation is extremely angry and focused. I haven’t heard an album that tight and concise from them since Songs of Faith & Devotion.