I have once created my first track under the monnicker Clonmacnoise back in 1996, it died silently somewhere on a cassette tape. RIP!;-) Beginning of the year 2014, one of my goals was to get much better at electronic music production. Apart from some years at the music academy as a youngster, I am totally self taught when it comes to electronic music, which has its pros and cons, yet sharp ears and an appetite for machines and computers help a lot. An exercise to improve my knowledge and skills is to cover songs I like a lot — I know some people hate it, but it’s loads of fun and just a great way to develop and mess about — but most important I am able to put my feelings in it, really. If that sounds vague to you, you don’t know much about making music;-) Producing Electronic Music is exactly the same as playing an instrument (which i have done before): practice makes perfect (which I know I am far from). Still, I am pretty pleased how my cover of this Depeche Mode (definitely one of my favorite bands ever — I want to reincarnate as Dave Gahan!) classic turned out, with its breaks-esque feel to it… A lot of it is coincidence through long nights, but that is the way I like it. Let me know what you think. X -Bramski August 14, 2014

All programming and instruments by Bramski DC. Mastering by Andre, thanks Master!!;-) Original song by Depeche Mode, Duh.

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