Music played by: DX5. Lyrics: Luckyboy (from Yes. Notice that I DON’T SING. It is a pre recorded voice. Some mistakes due to the set config…

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  • No. I started to play by ear, 25 years ago (I am older than It seems to be)

  • black celebration (sing it come on!) black celebration (o yeah) tonight….

  • what does the little eloctronic voice sample say in the begining?

  • If there was only a bit of production, effects and all this stuff… Great.

  • windowzombie, music in US sucks, that’s why depeche mode is not that
    popular hear: all you hear is rock (korn), country (toby keith), other crap
    like britney, jayz and whatever that r-n-b singer’s name is! yuk!

  • I wish people loved Depeche Mode in the US as much as people in Europe did!

  • @markyspark67 …to do this “before” all the world? uh?¿? . Enjoy it. And
    it’s for free! :)

  • I’m sorry, it would’ve been better if you didn’t sing it. Doing just an
    instrumental would’ve been amazing. Your Accent and your vocal range take
    away from the sound. Other than that, pretty good job.

  • Do you have people are people? I would love to hear that on intrumental,
    please do people are people.

  • very good cover and you’ve done it all yourself! good luck on future

  • heh goku keep calm, I still have some pending requests, and I have to share
    my time between covering for pleasure and working on “serious” projects
    too. I have your request on mind :D

  • ай молодцааааа!!!!!!!!порадовал.аж слёзы навернулись.до боли приятный
    звук.ностальгия по фанатству нахлынула.