Amazing demo version of this already majestic tune.

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  • Well, it think that’s actually Alan, but Alan or not Alan that was really
    beautiful. Stop hating

  • Bullshit. This isn´t a Demo and this isn´t Alan. It´s only a
    piano-coverversion sung by somebody unknown. Depeche Mode Demos are sung by
    Martin and programmed or played on guitar.

  • I like the sound of the piano…too bad it’s overshadowed by a crappy
    singing voice…

  • So…if this isn’t DM, then who is it! I think it kinda sounds like it
    could be Alan…

  • Forgot to add that Alan does sing on some demos in early ones. Only the
    ones his wrote tho. Even with that in mind, doent sound from anyone in the
    band so it is more likely a fake but thanks for putting up rest of dm demos

  • Who is on vocals? I can’t recognize. Thanks for uploading.

  • jajajjajaja this is faaaaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeee, why do people try to fool
    others? the only fool here is the guy who posted this video!

  • I don’t care who sings it (well maybe a little)! That was beautiful!!!!! I
    wish I could play that on piano! I can barely play Enjoy the Silence! I
    also love that picture! They are so talented and I am always impressed by
    their music! DM FOREVER!!! ;D