Depeche Mode - Black Celebration

Song: Black Celebration Album: Black Celebration Year: 1986 Artist: Depeche Mode Singer: Dave Gahan Yes, I will acknowledge the fact that my timing is off an…

Concert in Wembley arena London 1986 COMPLET DVD 00. Christmas’ Island -missing- 01. Black Celebration 02. A Quest…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Tengo 20 años y los escucho desde que tengo 4 y la verdad es difícil entender este genero porque hay que tener la mente abierta como el corazón y si es musica extraña hoy en día hay mucha gente que se hace llamar artista y solo ocupa un computador y cree hacer musica, Bitch please. Esto es musica :)

  • Meanwhile my parents are not interested in this music…

  • That’s a shame. I got into DP when I was 14 and I’m still fairly young.

  • You wont regret seeing them in concert. It’s an energetic experience to this day. They haven’t slowed.

  • How? My mother listened to them when she was pregnant with me and even after I was born and here I am now at 21 and I love Depeche Mode. She took me with her to their concert in Chicago a couple days ago. That was my first concert and I almost just about cried. She told me she was at the same place for their Violator Tour in 1990.

  • poor you.My dad is proud of me, as he says.Don’t get why, I always tell him-what’s so weird and to be proud of?I know what real music is! And I’m just little older than your daughter(16)


  • I’m 13 and I’m a huge fan! Saw them live 13/7/13 at Optimus Alive. It was AMAZING! :)

  • Really under rated song. Definitely one of their best songs.

  • Then you sir, unfortunately, failed as a parent :/
    Kidding :)
    But really, educate her, there is still time ;)

  • “A Brief Period Of Rejoicing..” gives me the chills even after so many years.. :)

  • я в Питере видела.класс!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • only three? Alan is not good for u? what a pitty. Since Alan left they doing shit. Concerts after SOFAD tour a totally shit & shame. Gahan cann`t sing any note, he only can scream,beating himself in the chest & jump like a old monkey

  • me too….but in Stuttgart :) Ich hab geschrien wie das nur 13-Jährige können.hahhaaaa

  • The Cure do >30 songs in one concert in 2012!!! DM and The Cure are Main bands in my life!

  • Les costumes, les attitudes ont un peu vieillis mais la musique de DEPECHE MODE n’a pris aucune ride, et quand j’écoute leurs morceaux, j’ai toujours autant de plaisir, et je ne vois aucun groupe actuellement en 2012 égaler leur talent et leur musique. Thank you DEPECHE MODE.

  • I’ve liked DM since I was 12, but only like another pop group. Now fast forward decades later, with a better understanding of music and my English is no longer rubbish, I’ve come to fully appreciate the intelligence of Alan’s sound, the depths of Martin’s lyrics, or in general, the greatness of DM.

  • Was thinking the same thing…still enjoy his voice, but nothing like it once was.:)

  • Looks like they were having a black celebreation. Deus Ex anyone?

  • They went to Whitley Bay twice.
    april 86 and 16/01/88 classic gigs!

  • Fucking Brillant !!!!!!! Get the complete DVD here in ONE PIECE !!!!!!

  • wow they went to whitley bay? im from blyth :) i’d’ve went if only I were born by then

  • 7th April 1986 Whitley Bay – My first gig….I’ve been obsessed with DM ever since

  • Hey I don’t question you, its just that Alan was also involved with this and many more albums that are classics and he just be also as dearly loved as the Basildon Three. : )