Released on October 29, 1984 – Some Great Reward.

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  • Take a moment to contemplate all the non-common object/ways to produce those sounds. They were always in love with music. They still work that way today, you should see them in the studios.
    There aren’t many bands like this, dedicated and true.

  • It always comes to my mind when having bad luck (which, by the way, happens to me most of the times) exactly these lyrics:
    ‘I think that God’s got a sick sense of humor
    And when I die I expect to find Him laughing’
    so Depeche Mode summarizes perfectly my life ;))

  • Brings back miserable memories,I’ve still got it on vinyl-if anybody wants it you can ave it before I chuck it out

  • Martin was around 23 in 84′ but who knows how long ago he penned the lyrics. Everyone who is free thinking,aware of their surroundings and not blindly following religion, will have a moment or many where they doubt or question their existence and why painful experiences happen. Hell, a person might even get angry .It doesn’t mean they blame “God” for everything or anything. Only a fool would be that un-self sufficient and it happens. This is thinkers music, written by a clever, sensitive man.

  • Simply stunning. This song, and “Shake The Disease” were what turned me onto DM. Never looked back. 100 million albums sold; highest grossing tour this year. Seeing them tonight. YUM.