Music video by Depeche Mode performing Broken. (C) 2013 Venusnote Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment.
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  • children don’t like this sort of music very much. You see, they would like Bieber and other teen stars who make fast and short career and nobody will remember them ten years later as now we forgot other teen artists. TV produces ”short- lasting” stars and teens tastes. DM made their career slow and I don’t think they had as many managers as today’s teen stars have. DM make their music with heart. So let ”the kids” alone. They become grown up and they will see how their tastes could change.

  • believe me bands like this that dont have millions views is because they are followed by more adult people that don t giggle with you tube as kids do……there are out there many bands that have 10 times their views but don t even fill an arena if they wish! and sell poorley

  • You are right but there are videos of them that took from 10000000 to more than 20000000 of “Enjoy the silence”.But in my opinion youtube is used more from the Kids so this is the reason why of this “poor” percentage.LOL

  • these guys are the inspirational for almost most of successful new artists and their video got only 2 million views? not fair! COME ON IT”S FUCKING DEPECHE MODE!

  • Dave is better then Bono ……..he is more experienced then bono i think…Dave is master of meanin of life

  • It’s OP-1 from Teenage Engineering. Alessandro Cortini used to play one during his live performances as SONOIO.

  • Their life studio sessions have always been so amazing.

    Anyone knows that the technician is playing on at 1.07. its a little white keyboard-thing?

  • God bless Depeche Mode and especially Dave Gahan. They are my favorite artists ever. I hope they live a long life to keep creating awesome music.

  • BRIVIDI..spettacolare, i Depeche Mode sono sempre alternativi mai ripetitivi!!!.
    Che gruppo fantastico.

  • Cool version too. Really like it. It’s like early DM demo but mature.

  • This version is muche better than the album see when Dave gets to the verse – Do you remember a time without tears – 1.47 he gets shocked and smile to brush away that feeling