DEPECHE MODE – But Not Tonight (1986)

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  • that is the stupiest thing i have read. I have not missed a show since
    1986, and yes even in the later years. They have always sold out the venue.
    You must live ina very snmall area. DM always plays to a very full crowd.

  • alan looks wonderful here… i agree, very underrated song. i cant believe
    it never charted in the US. would love to hear this live :)

  • I have over 13,000 songs on my ipod, and last year at random this song
    played. It was late at night and I happened to be in a hospital bed, due to
    have open heart surgery at 5am. I didn’t think I was going to make it
    throught the surgery, but I was OK with it. I looked out the window, it was
    very dark, and raining very hard, I could see all the stars and the moon.
    The life I had lived was flashing through my head. But I felt good, I’ve
    never felt soo alive. I guess we take life for granted.

  • Thanks for posting this! I’m 39 and forgot all about this song. Loved it
    when it came out. Brought back great memories!!! Cheers!!!!

  • oh, this song just kills me! it’s happy, yet also so poignant. joy
    division’s ‘love will tear us apart’ does the same thing to
    me–exhilarating yet sad at the same time…

  • i love this song it takes me back to when new wave wasnt alternative lol!!!

  • thesmogman…is killing your brain cells. Who cares how many asses are in
    the seats? They’ve been selling out arenas for decades. That’s what
    matters. You went to the shows…supposedly, so quit bitching. They do
    pretty damn good for a group that’s been around for over 20 years!

  • another extemely underrated dm song – up there with dangerous, here is the
    house, halo etc etc- fucking brilliant

  • it really does depend on the area – they skipped the midwest this tour,
    last time those places didnt sell well. huge contrast to the insanity of
    the coastal states and europe and latin america!

  • LOL I can’t believe Fletch used to be so skinny. He looks sort of like
    Elton John these days. But I love him, I really do. It just wouldn’t be the
    same band without him, definitely…

  • They are the best. I just saw them in Seattle about a year or so ago. The
    best show ever.

  • doamne ce piesaaaaa!!!!!!!a aparut acum 23 de ani si inca suna
    extraordinar!!!!!!!Depeche Mode sunt cei mai buni!!!!

  • One of there best it’s a shame that thay was lock out the publed eyes in
    this contury where thay grew up . English but regeted by the people in
    controw of whot we all see and alould to see thank god for the Internet

  • I recommend listening to this when you’re feeling down :) <3