Depeche Mode live — World Violation Tour.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Incredible, incredible song — I was only 12 when this album was released, but it certainly changed my life forever! Love to all DM fans, let us follow them through eternity! :)

  • Well said, Violator is easily my favourite D.M. album and this song is a perfect ending to it. Long live the mighty D.M.

  • Stupor? Really, no fuckin’ way. Dave was wild on that tour. Just take a look at «Master And Servant» he was crazy making that spin so many times.

  • SOFAD is a close second, but Violator is DM at their peak, every song perfect……..its like the fourth Zeppelin album……immaculate…… of course im biased as im on my seventh Violator cd, and Zep and the Mode are 2 sides of my music coin, whichever end i get is perfect in its own way, though i feel Martins song writing is way stronger, darker, and more insidious, it draws you down and makes you feel good while youre there……

  • I agree. I love DM. His voice sometimes gives me chills. It’s that awesome. I have been on a daily DM fix, it is always on my brain!

  • His voice is like a drug to me… i could listen to it from the dawn to dusk !!

    In all periods of his life something new and magicial appeared inside it.

  • I’ve never seen that video, but I think it’s really good, I hope listening this song at the concert!!! Paola Italy

  • One of the best song ever of DM: I love the words and the way Dave sings. Love and peace to all DM fans

  • i saw this tour in orlando and this song was the highlight of the show! thanks for posting!!!

  • The four of them + flood would be awesome. Perhaps we should ass write to them and convince them to get back together!